Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Petra had twins on Sunday, both girls.

This is Logan's (my dog's) first year of lambing. I think he is a little bemused, but interested.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Terms of Use for Knitting Patterns

For a long time, I've wondered about knitting patterns that state the knitter may not sell any items they make from the purchased pattern. I absolutely agree that the pattern itself must be purchased and not photocopied, borrowed, or resold.

However, why place restrictions on the use of the finished item? Doesn't it make sense to encourage knitters to buy your patterns by allowing them to sell what they make from them, as long as they credit you, the designer? In fact, your name and designs would reach a broader audience that way.

A few months ago, I bought an amazing pattern, Gryffindor Pride Socks, from Ann Kingstone,   http://www.annkingstone.com. In her Terms, she states, you may "sell up to 10 items annually that have been handkitted by you from any one of my patterns for personal profit." I think this permission is excellent, and I've added something similar to my own website.

It makes sense to me. What about you?