Friday, July 6, 2012

Rain and Chickens Don't Mix

It rained a lot on the Fourth of July. This was actually a good thing. We hadn't had rain for several weeks and were in sore need of it. The precipitation stopped late afternoon and the clouds began to disappear, so fireworks were still possible.

This was the first time my 3 1/2-month old chicks (chicklets? tween chicks?) had experienced anything but sunny weather. The last time it rained (or snowed) they were still housed inside. I had placed the top of an old dog house in their enclosure awhile back to give them extra shelter. I didn't know if they'd ever used it, but I figured they would definitely get under it when it rained. Sigh. I seriously overestimated young chicken intelligence.

It was raining pretty hard when I looked out the window and saw the six chicks huddled together, getting soaked. So out I went into the now pouring rain and chased chicks around until I caught them, one by one, and put them in the shelter. At least they stayed put once I deposited them there. I was afraid they'd bolt right out again, but apparently they grasped immediately the advantages of the situation. By the time I, with great effort and much running through the rain, caught each chick and placed her under the dog house roof, I was soaked. I really looked as though I had taken a shower fully dressed, but at least the chicks were safely ensconced.

I peeked out occasionally to make sure they were still under cover, and they were. They didn't stick their heads out again until the rain had completely stopped. Now I just wonder if they'll remember to get in out of the rain next time!