Monday, December 1, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys (Even If They're Lambs)

While I was feeding the sheep this morning, I noticed that two of the ram lambs were "practicing" head butting.

Such activities are not unusual, but this pair were definitely mismatched. One of the lambs was Clare's Little One. (We've never got around to naming him; we just call him that in reference to his mother, Clare). He's a big, strapping youth, outgoing and with a friendly personality. The other "combatant" was Ficus. He's a bit of a runt, sweet but small.

So, there was Clare's Little One and Ficus going through the pre-contact motions: backing up, lowering their heads, and then rushing towards each other. The only problem was that Clare's Little One is about 6" taller than Ficus. Not surprisingly, they sort of missed each other and came to a rather confused stop.

At that point, I distracted them with the feed, so I don't know, if they were planning on trying again. However, I think Clare's Little One needs to move to a higher (and taller) class, while Ficus stays in the Junior League.